We Do Clean Agriculture: Antibiotic Free & Humanely Raised

By Team Turkey on August, 22 2019


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Team Turkey


Clean meats and clean ingredients - that’s what we care about. Meet our co-founder and President George Faison.

His lifelong passion and mission in life has been to work with farmers all over the world to bring consumers clean meats and clean ingredients, even before it was on trend.

"What's really important to me is that we do what I call clean agriculture. And that by that I mean the animals are at least antibiotic free and that they're humanely raised. When you raise an animal correctly, you give 'em enough space, you don't subject them to stressful environments and light manipulation and poor quality feed, but you treat them with dignity throughout their lives, then you end up with better tasting meat. Everyone of these animals that we raise should be treated with that dignity."

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